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Shenyang library enrich service content

Date: 2014-12-11

Shenyang, liaoning province library's theatre on Saturday, before and after the New Year many media attention, especially the CCTV "news broadcast" benefit performance of the grand theatre has reported Saturday.
Today is, tomorrow is likely to be an actor - shenyang library to build a third space launch Saturday theatre has become a good place for the shen city common people culture life. On Saturday noon, in front of the theatre gathered from all directions to the readers, they see, listen to the drama, the drama here most of the time, they are the leading actor on the stage. Often arrived at the theatre show Xu Jiabo big ye said: "to have such a theatre in shenyang, free, let us common people see the plays, I very happy. Although the family is not close, but I still insist on Saturday to see performances, this is my most and day."
Last year on August 25, theater on Saturday for the premiere of shenyang library, invite has left the stage 7 years comedian Yu Qi special performance with his Pal Zhou Zhiguang crosstalk. They performed in the national contest on winning crosstalk show "wonder" and "says advertising". Comedian period also appeared at the scene of the performance, to play off the cuff. Yu Qi said: "I really miss the audience, plus Saturday theater is the public welfare performance, the artists art huimin, I have no reason to refuse."
On October 12, last year, PingJu performance artist credit orienwise private theater kicks off on Saturday. Leave home has been nearly 20 years of credit orienwise on stage again, caused the shen city common fans keen interest. Audience know credit orienwise to back home after the show, a week in advance to the city library tickets. The performance, several audience the scene the learning credit orienwise MingDuan, lively atmosphere.
The theater on Saturday after the establishment, immediately formed a Peking Opera fan group, all members come from the grassroots, the core members of 40 people, these members every Wednesday in rehearsal, theatre has held two performances. Beijing Opera performing artists Mackenzie Elizabeth lee also playing with these amateur and amateur excitedly said: "never thought can we with famous." Shenyang normal university opera performing professional Zhang Wei also invited to theater to amateur lectures, talking and playing in the form of her fans shouted again.
Saturday in theatre performances always pay attention to the popularization of art, in the last year on September 7, the guzheng, specially invited professor of shenyang music institute Chen Bingyi on music appreciation for the reader. Saxophonist in water yuan performance, special invited audience played on stage, he on-site review.
The activities of the various forms, rich in content are very popular with readers. Shenyang library curator sea town huai said: "the library is a culture platform, we will, as always, for readers to the spread of high culture. In the promotion of theatre on Saturday at the same time, we will continue to do" and "shen" and "shen figure pulpit photo gallery 'culture, such as public welfare projects."