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Shenyang first held "one hundred ShuaiFu mansion" academic academic BBS

Date: 2014-11-09

Dozen leading experts in charge of the northeast one hundred modern history agree that shenyang is domestic residence building museum
"Zhang's ShuaiFu historical position is settled before, but this ShuaiFu represented by the modern architectural culture in northeast status also without a doubt." Famous modern historians, literature historical data collector ZhanHongGe evaluation zhang ShuaiFu in modern Chinese status in the history of architecture.
This afternoon, the first domestic "ShuaiFu one hundred" residence culture academic BBS held in shenyang Olympic sports wanda mansion, domestic dozen recent authoritative experts attend and dozens of people from all walks of life to participate in shenyang. During the period of the republic of China published in Peiping family history publicly for the first time.
Glory: "for another 100 years, big ShuaiFu is still a classic"
First exhibited on the BBS, published in 1905 "the yalu river army memorial post," an old photo taken in 110 years ago, let people see now the big ShuaiFu location. At that time, also just ordinary houses here. In 1914, a new residence in shenyang south gate tong Yin completion, this is the big ShuaiFu now. Hundred years, the residence after two straight in wars, northeast authorities, Yang often event, the 918 incident... Gradually become the center of the northeast political, once change and even the development of China's northeast.
Shenyang has long been known as, in addition to Beijing and Shanghai "third residence museum" in China, in a picture drawn by professor at northeastern university in 1931 block map in liaoning province, shenyang mansion distribution at a glance, dozens of residence centered on big ShuaiFu standing in the old house. Mr ZhanHongGe also exhibited many publicly for the first time the precious historical materials: "ideas are neat letters" published in 1902, zhang zuolin first appeared in the literature history, recorded by the qing government to harness his events; 1922 published monograph in Peiping, is the earliest works of zhang zuolin introduces origin; 1928 book "marshal zhang ai wan recorded", is published in Peiping biography zhang zuolin explosion killed... These precious historical materials make the big ShuaiFu residence culture more profound, as the vice President of liaoning province folk association Cai Xueqin said, shenyang's residence culture actually has more than 100 years, but the big ShuaiFu is one of the most classic residence buildings, it carried the history of multiple colors.
Sorry: decades residence culture in shenyang to date
In 1948, the northeast liberation. Today, the residence as a special phenomenon in the shenyang residential culture, to a standstill. Shenyang's construction before the founding of the residence or use or become a pavilion, or is to be demolished. Buildings, and always is considered to be the clue of traditional culture, but in shenyang, residence building save face "split" problem.
Scholars, northeastern university, professor li exhibition on the emotions of smoke at the scene said: "old face in change, keep building to protect culture. Residence as a special kind of architectural culture, we should appeal to every people in shenyang, we all have a responsibility to protect residence buildings, so do this BBS wanda mansion, is of great significance."
Represented by the residence of the old buildings spread so far, represents the process of urban development, is the symbol of the city. One hundred years later, we are in a new era of nodes, and can also continue to develop this kind of culture in the new era, that is "ShuaiFu one hundred" residence culture academic BBS to explore.
The emergence of wanda mansion, let us see the pace of a real estate enterprise into the culture. Wanda residence should have historical and cultural attributes, in the new era should be new interpretation.