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Shenyang city inside and outside of those things

Date: 2014-10-08

If the about 6800-7200 "nahuy culture" as the origin of the shenyang has the activity of human civilization, has experienced the warring states period, han, wei and jin dynasty, tang and five dynasties, to the liao period, the 10th century, history books appeared in shenyang's name: Shen Zhou. Middle of yuan dynasty, the government set up the "shenyang road", the "shenyang" here is actually take Shen Zhou and liaoyang each a word, although relations with "shen Yang" of water is not big, but at least in the joseon dynasty appeared in shenyang the name.
At the end of the Ming dynasty, in between the mountains east of shenyang city, a new power is back, this new regime soon move to the city, the rulers of urban planning and construction, has carried on the back and the prototype of the shenyang city seems increasingly today.
"Four door to change from" urban construction is how to return a responsibility
According to the Ming dynasty liaodong local Chronicles records, 9 in the shenyang city wall circumference 30 steps (step 1 in 360, 1 step 5 feet), two zhangs five feet high, the wall outside the two way moat, are three zhangs, 8 feet deep, wide, with a total of four gate, east gate of yongning, south gate of security, the west gate of yongchang, north to AnDingMen town side door) instead of (wanli period. In cities such as scale was second only to the liaoyang city, guang ning town (now BeiZhen) and original city, in the fourth, belong to medium to large cities.
Destiny ten years (1625), the latter to sweat nuerhachi move to shenyang, from now on until August the following year he died, in addition to the shenyang city is established for the major temple and the eight banners of the rulers political office outside the pavilion, the capital is not much change, true specifications and built a city, is his successor, huang taiji.
In some han Chinese officials persuaded the ambitious huang taiji reference to every Chinese dynasty capital, its organizational system, and under the condition of power allows, began a vigorous movement of civil construction.
The transformation from the gate. More the city of the feudal dynasties, most of the gates and the sides is symmetrical, huang taiji, from this Angle change four to eight, the original place to the gates of the wall, then each side walls average trisection, each two open the gate.
Upgrade project about 3 years, the rebuilding of the walls higher than the original one, and additional thickness is 1 zhangs eight feet, and inside and outside surfaces with brick masonry, and stronger than before, the tall and tidy and beautiful.
New wall circumference step 9 in 332, set up 651 defense horse-refraining pits, outside the original two moat to, widened to 14 zhangs, 5 ft 10 204 steps in circumference. For defensive Angle consideration, outside the gate is a semicircle barbican, positive closed, open a vaulted door, on both sides in the four corner of the city wall, also built a watchtower. Eight gates respectively (commonly known as the great south gate), fu sheng's website (north), god bless (left door), and the load (north), stroke (east), with nearly far (Simon), inside outside xiaodongmen, (), buzzing Simon (small). These names are carved with stone of manchu and Chinese MenE, Mosaic above the hole inside and outside the gate and the barbican vouchers.
For today's shenyang people, is a stranger to most of these the names of the gates, but speaking of bosom of town and caresses, close door old shenyang people still have a kind of feeling.
Reconstruction of shenyang city, although the area did not increase, but due to the change of the gate, the main streets of the city has changed from the original cross street to tic-tac-toe street, and the word "well" street road divided into 9 areas, in addition to the median for the palace is located, around eight area between the eight banners, each flag, according to one of them.
For feng shui considerations, in the city "well" word on the four points of intersection of two points to build tower drum tower and memorial arch, shade effect, and the time actual functions of the command.
Major temple it is supposed to be outside the "Palace Museum"
Major temple now to be seen as the landmark building of shenyang imperial palace, it is not only shown on print in all kinds of postcards and propaganda, single look at its architectural form, is different from other buildings inside the imperial palace.
Many people view and its major temple square, ten Wang Ting as part of the shenyang imperial palace, it is a kind of misunderstanding, hundreds of years ago, it does not belong to the palace in the red walls, also is not the emperor towards where governance in the everyday, it is the first name is called "big government", is a major ceremony or emergency call where important news released eight banners deployment, daily for the eight banners in various Wang Dachen the case.
Major temple was nuerhachi in shenyang, one of the few buildings built it sits flat octagonal, surrounded by eaves gallery, star anise double-hipped roof pavilion roof, overlying yellow glazed tile green cutting edge. Before the house in two rows lined with 10 square flag pavilion, according to the march when hunting HanWang and minister of eight banners baylor account Wo model building, also known as the ten Wang Ting. Ten major temple Wang Ting area covers an area of nearly 8000 square meters, in the area is not large in shenyang city, is one of the biggest open area, the city center in the most convenient transportation.
Major temple through many of the most important events, such as New Year's day and Wan Shoujie ChaoHe, such as the emperor's reign ceremony, the reign of the emperor shunzhi is here. In addition, if the city emergency officials also want to in the shortest possible time collection here, huang taiji period had regulation: every encounter emergencies, eight gates drums at the same time, the officials immediately after heard the beat of the drum major temple to set. That does happen emergency, jinzhou, such as the army captured the front officials pegasus will click, huang taiji and oracle variety drum; Again like the stretch GongChen princess has enjoyed such treatment, after she gave birth to prince, nei fu officials have called the crowd to the front of the house of major collections, announced the good news.
Hutong name according to the old street in shenyang people's livelihood
If, the rulers of the city's overall plan is embodied in the gates and the Wall Street of understanding, for the people, connecting the most convenient daily life for its hutongs. How many hutongs old shenyang city? If the marked on a map of xuantong emperor of the old city of shenyang, roughly clearly marked in the figure "so-and-so hutong alleys" of more than 400. Researcher at the national Palace Museum in shenyang TongYue in mentioned in his book the city sheng in qing dynasty, "the city sheng in qing dynasty is in addition to the capital Beijing hutongs most populous city".