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Shenyang tourism festival opened "four seasons"

Date: 2014-09-23

The spring outing fitness amusement
Time: in April 2014 - June 2014
"Spring swims" activities from now until June, just include "51" little long holiday, mainly in mountain climbing, fitness, enjoy flower, playground activities give priority to. Shen, a scenic area in the north new district to hold "carnival scream festival"; Chessboard hill scenic area is to hold the kite festival. Each travel agency in shenyang combining these rides introduced all kinds of lines. In shenyang tourism hub, for example, they opened the one-day tour of article 12 of the intercity lines, including chessboard hill, forest zoo, national forest park, the price is in one hundred yuan more.
Summer beer food shopping
Time: in July 2014 - August 2014
"Summer tour" activities, mainly beer festival, food festival in shenyang, water concert, water-sprinkling festival, it.is it, paddy fields, picking, shopping, etc. Shenyang evening news, shenyang network reporter from 40 "summer tour" activities, including five beer festival and three beer square, the beer festival in heping district zhongshan park, tower bay, dongling district MoZiShan places such as parks, yuhong, three beer square distribution in vega heavy cultural square, the fairy lake park and along the high street. In addition there are six water swim, such as dongling district (muddy south district) concert in central park water, shen PuHe in the north new district, etc.
Autumn and winter Picking temple fair in winter
Time: in September 2014 - March 2015
"Autumn Tours" and "winter swimming" the activities of the theme, respectively of the autumn harvest tour and icy hot spring tour.
Among them, autumn will roll out shopping, the temple fair, flowers, picking, organic, photography, drive autumn special tourism products, etc. Will follow in the winter snow and ice, hot springs, Lantern Festival, temple fairs, Christmas, Spring Festival, winter winter features such as tourism products. Be worth what carry is, liaoning university of ginkgo section also be incorporated in the activities, the college will become a new bright spot of shenyang tourism scenery.