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Shenyang economic zone tourism famous brand with South Korea famous brand dates in September in shenyang

Date: 2014-08-14

Journalists held in shenyang municipal government information office huimin "shenyang economic zone tourism brand exhibition and south Korean tourist famous brand exhibition" news conference, according to the fair in September 10 to 14 held in liaoning industrial exhibition hall.
According to introducing, this session of exhibition set up "the shenyang economic zone city tourism will purchase products (gifts)", "south Korean tourist famous brand", "on the tip of the tongue, delicious local characteristics, catering food", "high-quality service travel agency", "local special goods (gift)" and "show" non-material cultural heritage experience buying zone. At that time, there will be a tourist attraction, tourist hotels, tourist routes, tourist service enterprises and tourist traffic, tourist real estate, auto industry, catering food more fields such as multi-channel industry exhibition.
During the exhibition, visitors don't abroad can buy authentic Korean tourist famous brand, to experience a south Korean food culture and local conditions and customs. Visitors also can get free of South Korea's scenic spot, airlines, duty-free shops provide souvenirs, as well as the experience of South Korea's health care food, wedding agency professional guidance. In addition, visitors can also take free dressed in traditional Korean clothes nowadays with South Korea's most high-profile stars human like to pose for photos. At the same time, the anshan xiuyan jade, the residents sheep soup, benxi haicheng pie, fushun jet shenyang economic zone characteristics, such as product will also appear in the show.
Reporters also learned that at the news conference, folk art performances, folk artists of arts stunt show, intangible cultural heritage exhibition, South Korea and other special local characteristics show art also will make its debut at the fair.