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Shenyang dalian ranked the 10 before summer tourist city

Date: 2014-07-03

"Shenyang temperature is so high now, or summer tourist city?" Weibo users small new said doubtfully. Recently, by the China tourism academy and China meteorological administration public meteorological service center jointly issued the "2014 China's urban summer tourism development report (hereinafter referred to as the" report "), shenyang in 60 summer tourist city in the country's top ten.
Ahead of the summer coming around to high temperature, shenyang earlier is also close to 30 ℃. On May 31st, the shen city common highest temperature is 34.1 ℃. Although the temperature rising, but compared to most regions of the country, is high temperature in shenyang city. The report analysis, 2014 summer temperatures close to most parts of the country all the year round in the same period or on the high side, north southeast chongqing, southwest of hubei province, hunan appear high temperature (35 ℃) relatively more days than the same period all the year round. So the advantages based on the characteristics of climate and the tourist destination, the report from 60 summer tourism cities in China. Liaoning shenyang, dalian, two cities are on the list.
It is understood that in July's top 15 cities are respectively Harbin, Qingdao, dalian, kunming, guiyang, yantai, jilin, changchun, shenyang, lijiang, qinhuangdao, chengde, yanbian, xining and taiyuan. August's top 15 cities, respectively, yantai, dalian, Harbin, jilin city, guiyang, kunming, shenyang, Hohhot, Qingdao, qinhuangdao, yanbian, changchun, taiyuan, xining and yan. Although the "heat" is still in, but shenyang summer tourism market prospect. The reporter understands from part of the travel agency, summer line is popular now, some of the other seasons tepid one hot line at this time.
According to the travel agency, summer heat hot upset some daily, such as the hailar, changbai mountain line in other seasons hardly formed, to become hot in July. In addition, the paddle around shenyang project, leisure vacation resort, enjoy the cool cool them down lines and picking enjoy cate caught the attention of visitors.
According to the travel agency registration, family travel is still the main form of travel. The report studies also show that in 2014 the summer tourism market demand, the family visit will be the main form of summer travel. Residents in choosing summer travel, also is given priority to with short length, combined.
In addition, high latitudes became "fire" in the summer, shenyang as one of the top tourist cities in the region, has become one of the most appropriate summer city. In contrast, low latitudes line encounter cold, including southeast Asia line the most obvious. "Southeast Asia in the summer the temperature is too high, so many tourists not to choose at this season to travel to these countries." A travel agency officials said.
June to August, provincial tourism bureau launched with "mountain resort, a cool summer" as the theme of the summer summer season, the province's 14 city launched a leisure vacation, joy paddle, heat in Montreal, fitness regimen, ecological harvesting and enjoy gourmet summer tourism theme activities such as more than 130. During July and August, the province's main summer leisure activities, such as shenyang beer carnival, Han Guozhou, golden beach summer leisure; The wine food festival in dalian; Anshan jade foshan summer leisure; Fushun first gore mountain flos sophorae festival; Dandong FengCheng climbing season, etc., all kinds of characteristic collection leisure, tourists can enjoy the experience.